Superyacht Fenders have, in recent years, grown in size along with the yachts that use them. The majority of superyachts use the standard vinyl fenders that were first developed back in the 1950's but due to the size required for the fenders needed on a very large superyacht Inflatable fenders have become the Superyacht fenders of choice. The reason is convenience, inflatable/deflatable yacht fenders are far lighter making a large fender easy to move around, is relatively hard wearing and is easy to inflate/deflate and stow. Due to the manufacturing process rubber fenders can be made-to-measure whereas vinyl fenders are moulded and tend to come in standard sizes. You will also find here companies that supply fender hooks, invented in 1983 and now used worldwide, fender covers, rubber fendering for gangways and rubbing strakes and fendering for marinas.